Sedation Dentistry

Fear of the dentist can keep some away from the dentist for years. Rather than making a trip to their dentist, some will put off treatment and suffer the effects of damaged teeth rather than sitting through a dental appointment. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone. However, sedation dentistry can change the way you see your dentist. Making you feel at ease, sedation dentistry can help you stay faithful to your dental visits without dreading your time in the dentist chair. With oral and nitrous sedation, we offer options to make your experience at a pleasant one.

Oral sedation is sedation through the form of a pill. Before treatment begins, oral sedation will take effect almost immediately. This form of sedation will make you feel completely at ease. You will not be aware of surrounding smells and sounds and will not be bothered during the appointment. However, if the dentist does need to talk to you during the visit, you will be able to respond. The effects of oral sedation can take a while to wear off so an accompanying driver may be necessary after your visit.

The effects of nitrous sedation are similar to those of oral sedation. Nitrous sedation also makes you feel deeply relaxed. You may remember little or nothing from your visit after the sedation wears off. Nitrous sedation is given through a mask and takes effect within a few short moments. Your appointment will be over before you know it!  Once your appointment ends, the mask will be removed and the sedation will wear away within a few minutes. With nitrous sedation, you will be able to drive yourself home following your appointment.

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