Many dream of having a straight smile, but never make that dream a reality. ClearCorrect can take that dream and make it come true. The straightening process can be done without extra attention brought to your teeth and results can be seen quickly! Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect uses invisible aligners to gradually shift your teeth into a beautifully straight smile.

In contrast to traditional braces, ClearCorrect keeps teeth cleaning easy as aligners can be removed during eating, brushing and flossing.

The process of ClearCorrect starts with taking impressions of your smile as well as x-rays of your teeth. This information is sent to the ClearCorrect lab to create a custom straightening plan for your teeth. From this plan, sets of clear teeth aligners are created. Approximately every six weeks, your dentist will switch out your aligners for a new set. Each new set of aligners will continue to shift your teeth. Once you use every set of custom aligners, your teeth will have straightened and a beautifully aligned smile will be the result. Let a straight smile become your reality with ClearCorrect!

If you are looking for teeth straightening in Austin, TX, call our office today to set up a consultation and find out if ClearCorrect is right for you!