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ClearCorrect vs. Traditional Orthodontics

If you’d like to straighten out your teeth, you might be trying to decide between getting traditional orthodontics like braces or clear aligner therapy like ClearCorrect. To help you decide, here’s a comparison of the two options based on appearance, comfort, convenience, and cost.


Unless you happen to be a fan of the metal wires and brackets look, ClearCorrect is the clear winner when it comes to appearance. ClearCorrect’s custom-fitted, nearly invisible trays blend in nicely with your teeth. Some people may not even see that you’re wearing aligners unless they get up close and personal with your smile! Because of this subtle appearance, you can go through your orthodontic treatment without having to announce it to the world every time you open your mouth to talk or smile.


While this can be a toss-up depending on your personal opinion, many people find ClearCorrect trays to be more comfortable to wear than braces. This is because the smooth plastic material they’re made out of glides more gently against your cheeks, and there aren’t any pokey parts that could potentially irritate the inside of your mouth. There’s always a slight bit of discomfort when your teeth are being shifted around, but you may find it minimal with ClearCorrect.


When it comes to convenience, ClearCorrect has the leg up because the aligners are removable. That means you can take them in and out to eat and to brush your teeth so there doesn’t have to be any change in your diet or routine. It also means that if you have a special event coming up where lots of important photos will be taken, say like your wedding, then you can pop them out to have an orthodontic appliance-free smile for all those memories.


The price of both ClearCorrect and braces varies on a case-by-case basis. Oftentimes, braces end up being the more affordable choice for patients. But to get an accurate estimate so you can compare costs, you would need to get an orthodontic consultation.

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