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Private vs. Corporate Dental Practices

Even if you don’t work in corporate America, you have definitely noticed the encroachment of conglomerate business consolidation in your day-to-day life. Do you subscribe to Amazon Prime? Those regular deliveries of everyday products like cleaning and/or beauty supplies are so convenient! Do you frequent nationwide franchises like Whole Foods, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Sometimes it feels like there’s always a store just around the corner.

Just as corporate options abound in everyday life, corporate conglomerates have also edged their way onto the dental scene. When considering where to go for you and your family’s dental care, it’s important to look closely at the options when choosing to go with a private dental practice or a corporate dental center.

What Is a Corporate Dental Practice?

While the name may be a tip off, for the sake of clarity, we like DentistryIQ’s definition: “corporate dentistry” refers to “ multi-location, multi-doctor dental practices.” Corporate dental practices are especially popular in metropolitan areas, like Austin. What are the pros and cons of corporate dental practices?


Since corporate dental practices generally have several locations and a team of dentists, corporate dental centers are appealing for being well equipped in cases of emergency. Another reason corporate dental centers, or dental management organizations (DMOs), are so popular is because insurance companies like them. DMOs are usually extremely focused on efficiency and this often translates to lower costs.


Think of a corporate dental center as a kind of factory, because in a lot of ways that’s exactly what it is! When you visit a DMO, you’re literally on an assembly line; you will be seen to and then the team will move onto the next patient. There’s little room for personalization in the corporate dental center, there may not even be time for you to bring up questions or concerns. This impersonal approach can be especially off-putting for children.

Private Dental Practices

Private dental practices like Choice Austin Dental, have some significant difference from corporate dental practices. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of private dental practices.


As we hinted in the above review of corporate dental practices, a privately owned and operated dental practice like offers a much more individualized level of care. If a dental emergency comes up, we will make every effort to get you in to take care of you as soon as possible and we’ll know your entire dental history. Our local dentist will see you each time you visit us for a checkup and cleaning. You’re never just a number with Choice Austin Dental!

While a DMO is sleek, modern, and designed with efficiency in mind, they can often be described as cold. That’s not the case with the office at Choice Austin Dental. Our office is homey, the Choice Austin Dental team is friendly, and we take great pride in our office atmosphere.


The only potential concern with some private dental practices revolves around insurance company restrictions. The cost of dental work is going to vary widely in both private dental practices and DMOs depending on the procedure being performed. Choice Austin Dental is very aware of the financial worries that may be associated with dental services, so we are proud to offer several options for you to manage the financial side of your care. (We also accept most dental plans!)

Which Option Is Right for You and Your Family?

We can see the appeal of corporate dentistry, but we encourage our patients (both current and prospective) to consider what will happen once you’ve cashed in on your introductory offer. Will you see the same dentist the next time you go? It’s possible, maybe even likely that you won’t at a DMO, but that’s something you never have to worry about with Choice Austin Dental.

Call our office or fill out our online appointment request form today! Choice Austin Dental is your destination for personalized, quality dental care for the whole family.

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