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Tips for Remembering Dental Appointments

Unless you really love going to the dentist, it can be challenging to remember dental appointments. Plus, it’s easy to forget about something scheduled six-months ago! Over the years, we’ve found some great ways to help you remember, and we’d like to share them with you right now.

Schedule Your Family’s Appointments on One Day

If you’ve got a family, try to schedule all of your routine cleaning appointments on the same day. Sure, that means you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the dentist before heading home, but the benefits are worth it. After all, you don’t have to waste time and money visiting multiple times, and if you forget the appointment, the odds are that at least one other member of your family certainly will remember!

Try to Make It a Part of Your Yearly Routine

If you schedule routine appointments in advance, try to always make it around the same time every year. This way you’ll start to associate that time of the year with dental cleanings, for example. If you take the kids to the dentist the week after school ends in June for about two years in a row, you’ll likely always remember that.

Set Automatic Reminders on Your Devices

If you have a smartphone, pen the date of your appointment in as soon as possible, and make sure it sends you a reminder ahead of time. We also recommend adding it to your Google Calendar, or whatever other digital device or program you often use. That way if you ignore your smartphone reminder, or anything happens to it, you have a back-up. Try to also schedule multiple reminders ahead of time: the first should be just as the date of your appointment is approaching. The second, however, could even be a few months in advance. That way if you need to reschedule, you can do so and make sure you get the perfect date for you.

If you have an appointment with Choice Austin Dental, hopefully these tips helped you remember it! Or, if you don’t have an appointment and need to schedule one, be sure to contact us today.

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