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New Year’s Resolutions for Better Oral Health

Happy New Year from the AustinDental team! As we welcome 2019, we hope that you find happiness, success, and health throughout this new year. And as dental professionals, we can certainly help out with that last one. Here are some resolutions you can consider taking on in 2019 in order to enjoy better oral health and a more beautiful smile.

Don’t Skip Out on the Dentist

Many people completely forget about going to the dentist unless they’re experiencing some sort of issue, or they’re interested in getting a cosmetic procedure done like ClearCorrect. Actually, you should be going to a dental office twice a year for routine, preventive visits. These visits are like the dental equivalent of your general doctor check-ups!

We check to see if any new issues have cropped up so we can nip them in the bud quickly, and we’ll provide a thorough, professional dental cleaning so you can leave our office with a sparkling smile.

Cut Down on Sugar Consumption

You probably already know that sugar is no friend to your teeth. We’re not expecting you to go completely cold turkey with sugar, but there are some small steps you can take to lessen the amount you do consume, and thereby help keep your teeth safe from decay and cavities.

Choose water or seltzer instead of soda or fruit juice. Pick sugar-free gum, or gum with xylitol, instead of the standard, sugary options. When you’re in the mood for a snack, go for fresh fruits, veggies, or nuts instead of sugar-heavy snacks like candy and dried fruit.

Stick with the Flossing

Your toothbrushing habit may be on point, but what about your flossing? Flossing is an important step in making all the surfaces of your teeth are cleaned, and it’s a great way to get in those hard-to-reach areas that the bristles of your toothbrush might miss. Make it a habit to floss at least once a day, or even better if you do it every time you brush your teeth!

If you’d like to know more about ways to achieve your very best smile, give the Austin Dental team a call or send us a message. We’d be more than happy to give you more dental health tips.

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