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Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

Wondering why you might need your wisdom teeth out? The answer actually brings us way back in history, to a time when humans were true hunter-gatherers. Thanks to evolution, we really don’t need our wisdom teeth anymore. As a result, just about everyone ends up having them removed. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why wisdom teeth need to go.

Wisdom Teeth: What’s the Point?

You may be wondering why we grow wisdom teeth if we all need to have them removed. The answer requires a look way back in human history, to a time when we scavenged and foraged for food. We used to eat tough, fibrous foods that required a large jaw and extra teeth to break down for digestion. Things have changed over the many, many centuries since we lived like that. In the time since we’ve evolved to have smaller jaws, but we still develop our wisdom teeth. As a result, they don’t fit quite right and tend to cause more harm than good.

Why Remove Them?

As we just said, wisdom teeth don’t quite fit in your mouth, and they can cause problems as a result! If allowed to grow in, wisdom teeth often cause issues like overcrowding and shifting, infection, and more. Luckily, the wisdom teeth extraction procedure is a routine one. With just a quick procedure, we’ll have your smile fixed up in no time!

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Austin, Texas

Are your wisdom teeth poking through? Maybe you’re experiencing some pain or swelling in the area? These are all reasons to get in touch with us here at Choice Austin Dental to chat about the future of your wisdom teeth. Give us a call to get in for a check-up, or go ahead and fill out the convenient appointment request form on our website.

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