Although we prefer to preserve your tooth when possible, this can sometimes be the best option to protect the surrounding teeth from further damage. Sometimes a deeply infected or severely damaged tooth can cause much harm to the surrounding teeth. Extraction can be the better option to remove a tooth than to suffer from the further damage it will cause. Missing teeth can make your smile incomplete, however extractions can be replaced with dental implants and there are several alternatives following a tooth extraction to keep the confidence in your smile. Your dentist will go over the best treatment plan if an extraction is needed.

Before starting to carefully remove the tooth, your dentist will ensure that the area is numb and that you are completely comfortable.  

If you believe you may be in need of a tooth extraction in Austin, TX, call our office today. Your search for a dentist can end now! 

We’ll strive to give you the best treatment and the best care to help keep your smile protected.